Do you ship?


How much is shipping?
For most items it is a $20 shipping fee.
How do I get a plate made with my kids prints on it?
You pick out the design, plate style and size you want. I will send you the plate and paint for you to add your kiddos prints to it. You ship it back to me. I will finish it and send the final piece back to you.
What if the plate shows up to the customer broken?
If I send the plate to you and it is broken then I will send you another one.
What if the plate is broken when the customer sends it back to Oh How Cute?
I have specific directions on shipping the plate back as well as I send you all of the bubble. You can and should add any extra “packaging” to the box. I am not responsible for the plate if you send it back and it is broken. Please take extra care when shipping back to me.
Can I change up the designs, colors or wording?
Yes, all of my pieces are custom and there is NO upcharge to make changes.